Youth Ministry

Craig Johnson;

Youth Director and 
assistant pastor.

Fun Stuff, Teens in some of their actives. 

Testimony, Craig Johnston

I was born into a Christian home and I was raised in church my whole life. My Dad was also a Pastor for part of the time. He started out as a Youth Pastor at a country church in Oklahoma, called Indian Baptist Church. It was at this time in my life I realized my need for salvation. One Sunday afternoon as soon as church was over I went up to the Pastor and said that I wanted to get saved. 

The Pastor took me into a room, showed me some Bible verses and explained to me how to get saved. When he was done he asked me to repeat a prayer after him. I repeated the prayer and when I was done he ask me if I was saved. I said no. I was eight years old but I just did not understand completely what it meant to
be saved. Months passed and on a Sunday night after church I went to my mother when it was just about bedtime and I said that I wanted to get saved. Mom took her Bible and showed me what I needed to do to get saved. I prayed to God and ask him to save me. Shortly after this I was baptized in a river because our church did not have a baptistry.


Not long after this, my Dad became the Pastor at a church in Arkansas. He was also the principle of the Christian school they had at the church. We were at this church for a few years and then Dad resigned. We moved to Illinois and we attended different churches. By this time I was in my early teens, my family was having problems and things were not going well.

  Because of the circumstances in my life it was difficult growing up as a teen. I knew that I was not what God wanted me to be. I also began to doubt my salvation. I wanted to believe that I was 
saved and thought I was. This went on for a few years until
one year our church went to Camp Joy in Wisconsin. That week at camp God really spoke to me. I  made a decision that week to get my heart right with God and to get assurance of my salvation. I 
remember one night I was in bed and I prayed to God to give me assurance of my salvation. I kept praying and begging God, and then it was almost like God or the Holy Spirit spoke to me in a voice and said,” You can stop praying now, there is no need for you to pray any longer.” So I said to God, “I will stop praying, but if I wake up in the morning and do not have peace, then I will pray 
some more and start begging again.” I woke up the next morning and I had peace in my heart. I surrender my life to Jesus Christ and I have never doubted my salvation since that day.
  It was about a year later when the church we were attending was having a week long youth activity. A group came from a college in Wisconsin to do this activity at our church. They had 
games, food, and preaching every night that week. One of the nights God spoke to me and I surrendered to His calling on my life to preach. After the Lord called me to preach I continued to follow Him. I went to Bible College to help prepare me for the ministry. Now God has opened the door for me to get started in the ministry at Fellowship Baptist Church. 

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